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UW Pediatrics

Fellowship Programs

Training in a variety of clinical settings in the hospital and in the community, this fellowship has an emphasis on under-served populations and behavioral health.
This 1-year fellowship seeks to train pediatric gastroenterologists specialists to deliver skilled and comprehensive medical care to pediatric patients with IBD.
A 2- to 3-year training experience intended to provide the highest quality clinical and research training in order to equip fellows with the skills they will need for an academic or clinical practice career.
This 2-year program trains physicians in bioethics with an emphasis on pediatrics issues in the clinical and research arenas. The goal is to prepare fellows for academic careers in pediatric bioethics.
This is an individualized, 1-year training program in the care of critically ill patients with congenital and acquired heart disease.  
This program will produce pediatric cardiologists with the cognitive and procedural expertise to provide excellent care to children with cardiovascular disease and the academic skills to make meaningful scholarly contributions.
Fellows graduating from our program are well prepared to become leaders in Child Abuse Pediatrics in children’s hospitals, academic institutions, government and community programs.
This 2-year mentored and research-based post-doctoral fellowship provides the skills and experience necessary for an independent research career focused on reducing disparities, achieving health equity, and improving health outcomes.
Our goal is to train pediatric providers to become members of cleft and craniofacial teams and to provide scientific training for those who wish to pursue academic careers.
In this fully-accredited (ACGME) program, fellows gain clinical experience in the Pediatric and Cardiac ICUs, the Trauma/Burns ICU, and rotations in Anesthesia.
This 1-year, ACGME Accredited program provides comprehensive training in all aspects of pediatric dermatology.
This 3-year program is for pediatricians wanting a sub-specialty focus that addresses the needs of the 1 in every 8 children and youth living with neurodevelopmental, behavioral and psychosocial impairment.
We expect graduates from our program to be the future leaders and role models in our field of pediatric emergency medicine.
This ACGME-accredited, 3-year program trains the next generation of leaders in endocinology.
As the only academic pediatric gastroenterology group in the region, we serve a broad geographic area with a diverse and large patient population with chronic gastrointestinal and liver diseases.
In this 2-year postdoctoral fellowship, fellows learn state-of-the art health services and quality improvement research methodologies with close mentorship from outstanding, experienced faculty.
This 3-year ACGME accredited fellowship program provides both clinical and research training to encourage and train the next leaders in the field of pediatric hematology/oncology.
This 1-year ACGME accredited fellowship program aims to train competent pediatric transplant hepatologists who will be leaders in the field.
This ACGME Accredited fellowship trains future leaders in academic pediatric hospital medicine. We offer many training opportunities, including those in research, quality improvement, hospital administration, and medical education.
Our fellowship training program prepares individuals to excel as academic researchers and leaders in the field of Pediatric Infectious Diseases by providing exceptional research opportunities, diverse clinical and educational experiences, and individualized mentorship.
This fellowship provides fellows with a sound academic and clinical understanding for the diagnosis, treatment, and management of patients with inborn errors of metabolism to become leaders in care and treatment of patients in Biochemical Genetics.
We will educate and inspire the next generation of neonatologists to provide state-of-the-art, evidence-based clinical care, and we will assist and mentor them in finding and pursuing their scholarly passion so that they are poised to be the future academic leaders of our field.
This fellowship aims to train and produce physician-scientists in basic science and clinical research, to become leaders in the field of academic and clinical pediatric nephrology.
This fellowship provides a dedicated year of combined clinical and academic immersion in pediatric neuro-oncology for those trainees who have already completed a Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Fellowship.
This fellowship trains pediatric pulmonologists to be skilled clinicians with a foundation in physiology, to be critical thinkers and avid teachers, and to improve care via scholarship and programmatic development.
This 3-year, ACGME-accredited fellowship gives trainees competence in diagnosis and care of children with complex rheumatic diseases, managing a pediatric rheumatology team, conducting and publishing research, and educating other medical practitioners.
The UW primary care sports medicine trains leaders in the field of sports medicine by emphasizing scholarship, providing a robust Division 1 athletic coverage experience, and delivering comprehensive and innovative clinical and procedural clinical experience.